Photographer Hugh Holland located some old photos from 1975 the skateboarding scene in LA. He is displaying these photos at the Blender Gallery in Sydney and Vice has some of them. Check out the great article and photos at Vice.

1970’s Retro Skateboarding Photos

TimAndAngi have created a list with the top 5 bands you have not heard of but should listen to. After you check that article out listen to “Vicious Love” from New Found Glory and Hayley Williams. That is not a real popular song but it should be.

New Music Is Here

Margot Robbie from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie got together with Vanity Fair and made a video explaining the meaning of 50 Australian slang words including doovalacky. Doovalacky? Is that even a real word or slang? Find out!

50 Australian Slang Terms Defined By Margot Robbie

We all know porn stars receive a ton of facials but do they like them or is it just part of the job? Wood Rocket’s released another Ask A Porn Star video where they ask that tough question. Get your answers now!     While most are fine with it […]

Do Porn Stars Really Like Facials?

With a few exceptions(like food service, delivery, etc) it would be nice if all employers allowed pets at work. We are self employed and work from home so we always have our pets at work now and they can help with releasing the stress of the day which makes you […]

Pets At Work

Mike Diva has created a masterpiece with his Japanese inspired commercial for Donald Trump. Mike Diva creates parody’s on youtube but this may be his finest work. In the “commercial” Trump is elected world president and destroys the world. This could happen! Well sort of…

Donald Trump Goes Japanese